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    The SOA was founded in 2020 and provides orienteering events and training to people of all ages, identities, and abilities in Saskatoon, Regina and surrounding areas.

    Try Orienteering

    Why just run? At our orienteering events, you can walk, jog, or race as fast as you can to checkpoints on a detailed forest, park, or urban street map. You choose your own route based on your speed and navigation skills. There are always options suitable for all ages and all levels from newcomers to internationally-ranked competitors.

    We always have someone to explain the sport at each event, so just ask or see our resources page for orienteering information and training opportunities.


    A Saskatchewan Orienteering Association (SOA) membership (valid Jan 1-Dec 31st). SOA is a member of Orienteering Canada (OC), a member of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF). Please contact with any questions.

    • 2022 Individual Membership (All Ages): $10 including tax and fees
    • 2022 Family Membership (Up to 2 adults and 6 children at same address): $25 including tax and fees
    • Child (up to 5 years old): free with membership